£ 2,000.00

Serenity (click image to enlarge)

This is a polyptrych linocut print. It is shown here to illustrate its scale.

It consists of 8 panels, when displayed as shown, create a serene environment and eye-catching showpiece. Sold unframed only.

Inspired by personal experience of being alone, in a wood during a cold Canadian winter, the image makes strong use of white space and stark contrasts, and contributes to the overall feeling of stillness and solitude within a pristine environment.

The limited colours are deliberately used to focus on the deep blue water that runs throughout the image and joins the panels in their proper sequence.

Printed on Stonehenge acid-free in an edition of 6 (sets of 8 panels). A small number of panels are also available individually (not a complete set) - please contact me directly for details.

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