Clothesline Show

Clothesline report

Well I hope you had a great weekend!

Mine was one of making new friends, meeting old acquaintances, sunshine and sales! Yes, the Clothesline Arts Festival at the Leighton Centre lived up to it's good name once again.

Starting with the Sunset Soiree, a wonderfully warm evening in a great location brought a full house of members and their guests. These early birds managed to get a wonderful preview of the works on display, enjoy delightful jazz music, and sample delicious finger food and quality beverages. Thanks to the many staff and volunteers of the Leighton Centre for their long hours and hard work in bringing this spectacular and fun evening together.

Throughout Saturday and Sunday I enjoyed volunteering and spending time with some familiar people and putting a face to the names of other artists I've discovered around local galleries. I really enjoyed the camaraderie and learning about their own triumphs and struggles. Being an artist can be a solitary pursuit, so it's events like this (and sales) that make it all worthwhile and recharges those creative batteries!

Throughout both days visitors arrived from all over southern Alberta, and buyers and browsers alike were treated to a wonderful feast of talent, ideas and bargains: oil and acrylic paintings, water colours, pen and ink, scratch board, felt, pottery, mixed media ...and of course lino prints, made the selection on 'what to buy' a difficult choice! I was greatly inspired by much of what I saw ...and hope to use the energy gained as a springboard for future art and printing projects.

My own work was well received and I managed some successful sales too. It was just as cool meeting some knowledgeable collectors, who praised my skills and asked insightful questions about the process and techniques. In return I took great pleasure in hearing their stories about their collections of Walter J. Phillips, Sybil Andrews and other classic print makers of a bygone era. Who'd have thought these masters of print could be found in common garage sales today? I'm on the lookout now ;)

The photos below give a little idea of the event and the wonderful people that brought it together. Sincere thanks to all those who made purchases and those who made the trip!

soiree 1
Sunset Soiree photo opportunity


my work
My work



room with a view
The view from the Great Hall

Volunteers taking a well-earned rest

The view!

the walk
The walk

the road to Cloesline Festival
You've got to love Alberta country roads!

the outhouses
Outhouses ...this will make a neat print, eh?


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Clothesline Festival and Art Sale 2016

Next up is the second of my Leighton Arts Centre exhibitions. Located on an 80-acre property, the annual Clothesline Festival and Art Sale is on from June 4 - June 5, 2016. This event features over 1500 Albertan-made artworks from member artists. And with great food, various live music performers, family entertainment and many artists on site, it promises to be quite an exciting weekend.

I'm submitting a number of pieces, some current and quality pieces from past editions. My archived pieces have never been exhibited before and were created for special commissions. So this is the first time they've had public exposure. The large pieces you see in the photo below are the only ones left from this collection. So this is a very special opportunity to see them. For me, putting them up for sale brings a sense of achievement as well as of melancholy.

I'm intrigued to find out how they will be received. If it goes, then I may consider a possible return to this style. I've always held onto the notion that this collection of designs remain as unfinished business, with so many ideas still resurfacing. But of course, let's just wait and see how visitors respond.

Prior to the opening, there is a Sunset Soirée on Friday June 3. Now that will be special! The Leighton Arts Centre, easy to find, but still quietly tucked away along  country roads in the foothills, is wee gem of a museum. It holds a commanding location, perched as it is, on the top of a hilly slope facing out to the distant Rockies in the west. Can't wait to get out there and watch the Sun set. In my next post I'll let you know how it all goes down. (I love a good pun!)

See you there!
Lino Lenny

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