Calgary Stampede - Artists Ranch Project

The Artist Ranch Project at this years Calgary Stampede & Exhibition has been quite a journey. With the work now completed, I'm now looking back and seeing what lessons I've learned.

Well to begin with, it's been fun! The energy an artist gets at the beginning of a project like this truly is the stuff of legend. This energy paved way to some deep rooted and inspired thoughts. Venturing through lands that are seldom seen by the everyday public allowed my imagination to take over become one with my surroundings. No buildings, no roads, just nature, cattle, horses and good company.

The afterglow of a weekend spent wandering, both cognitively and physically speaking, was the switch that unlocked the creative side. Back in the studio the artist was able to decanter that imagination and transfer it into a series of sketches, scribbles and notes. Documenting thoughts, feelings and ideas is as much a part of the final result as drawing, carving and printing.

What followed was months of reviewing that experience, and through my minds eye, revisiting those places in order to create prints that attempt to convey a sense of place and time.

I look forward to the big kick off the Calgary Stampede StirUp event on July 5th at the Calgary Stampede. This will be the invitation only opening for the Western Artists Showcase, and an opportunity to see the show before opening to the general public. It's going to be another great year that features several top quality western artists, including our group from the Artists Ranch Project.

I still have a lot of things to organize  - including a daily demo, which will be so much fun. The prints on show are being framed right now, but I leave you here with a reminder of what will be on show. I look forward to saying hello to some of you and will provide a review of the event when the time comes.

So here's a taste...

(Serenity detail)
Serenity : An 8-panel polyptrych. It's approximately 7 ft in length, each panel is 34" x 8". Largely inspired by a sense of space and peace while walking alone through the ranch (this is a working photo only.)

Tranquil Wood : Inspired by the woods behind the OH Ranch.

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