High School report...

Just over a year ago I reported on how I was invited to demonstrate lino reduction techniques to some senior students at Bishop O' Byrne High School in Calgary. The students were already familiar with lino as a printmaking medium, so my task that day was to demonstrate how reduction lino worked with just one block. You can read the original story here

A couple of days ago I received a surprise message from their teacher, David Nielsen. He'd attached a couple of photos of his students latest lino reduction prints. To say I was impressed would be a huge understatement. For anyone who has ever tried lino reduction ...I leave this with you. Not only had the mastered registration, they'd learned how to build a registration board, understand design and how it works in lino, and how using good materials matter to a successful outcome. Quality teaching goes a long way to shaping what we're capable of. So I hope some of these students realize just how advanced they are! Kudos to their teacher for guiding them to success. You can see that they were paying attention. And for once I have no words to express how impressed I am. The future looks brighter already.


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