March 2022

What is the world coming too?

Yes, the War! My heart bleeds for those that have been impacted by the misery inflicted by the mindless violence and cruelty coming from Moscow leadership. Artists across the world condemn this atrocity with the most vehement anger and disbelief.

As some politicians dilly-dally and pussy foot around diplomacy and try not to 'rock the boat' and make this thing worse, people are crying for help, innocents are dying as I write this. I applaud the efforts, no matter how minimal, my fellow artists and printmakers are making, in righting this wrong, and showing solidarity to the world as they raise funds to assist in the humanitarian aid that this disaster desperately needs. Ukraine has shown us all just how proud and courageous nations should react. They have endured more than their share of hardship, while also resolutely refusing to pander to the demands of a crackpot lunatic with misguided ideas about power. It's called Respect. Let us not forget the Ukrainian contribution to our societies and let us continue to support them in their time of greatest need. To this end providing a special sale of my Another Time print for donations over £15, valued at £45 (view print here) with all proceeds going to the Disasters Emergency Committee - Ukraine Appeal. I will even pay for p&p (UK only). DEC - Ukraine Appeal is one of many organisations that are central to providing critical support right now in the country.  If you have not stepped forward, I am appealing to you for your help now. Please give generously.


Please go to Paypal, find me at @linolennyprints and make your donation, (please leave a message too if you'd like). Enter your details and I will have your print (incl. matt, certificate and cello sleeve) posted to you on 18 March 2022. (Please note, if you live outside UK, extra postage will be required. Please enquire)

These prints are original hand pulled and in limited edition. There are a very limited number available now. So please, buy for a friend, a family member, a work colleague ...someone in your community. Go to @linolenny at PayPal and get yours now.

Thank you. Peace to All.