Linocut Prints

Lino Lenny Prints are original, hand-made and limited edition linocut prints.

My mission as a print maker has always been to produce unique quality images in limited quantities, therefore providing a degree of exclusiveness that customers and patrons can be rightly proud of. I also aim to educate and inform, wherever possible, the range of skills and professionalism that can be found in relief printmaking, and linoleum printmaking in particular.

I've been creating lino prints for over 30 years and never stopped learning new ways to manage old challenges. From early experimentation in 1986 and an abundance of influences, subjects ranged from book influences and stories about indigenous culture, folk tales and history, to still life and abstract themes, trees and landscapes, animals and nature. Since I started over 30 years ago, my artwork has found its way through galleries, exhibitions, social media and private sales, to new homes across Europe, Scandinavia, North America, Australia and New Zealand. While I do this for the love of lino and to share with others, there is no finer reward than knowing my work is appreciated and cared for elsewhere. So thank you to my supporters wherever you are.

Today my focus is on Scotland - my home. Like many people I've met who have traveled and returned, I have found a new connection that I hadn't realised was an integral part of me. The Scottish culture and how it's lived has it's own story. The people, places, history and weather all playing a role in influencing how see what's around me ...and now how I create my prints.

Take a look at some of the work available in the Gallery or click here to find out about classes and workshops.