Lino Lenny - Printmaker

Lenny Lane has been creating lino prints since since 1987. Using a special process known as the "reduction technique", these prints are created from a single block of linoleum. May hours of design, preparation, carving and colour blending go into each print. Each print is individually printed and pulled by hand, then given a unique number in these small editions.

Lino Lenny prints have since found their way to beautiful homes and happy collectors across Europe, Scandinavia, Canada and Australia.

Printmaking classes are also available for private instruction at your home, community or business. Contact for details.

Please check out the blog where I'll include loads of interesting stuff for the intriguing lino printer, with step-by-step techniques and also share some work-in-progress.

Feel free to email and provide any comments and questions or after any of my posts (see links at the top of this page).