From total beginners with no artistic background, to accomplished creatives hoping to tap into something new, I've brought lino printmaking classes to students both young and not so young. FUN and ACCESSIBILITY are the key elements my students enjoy most (and also some cool printing!)

My classes take students through every foundation from explaining the basics principles of what Lino printmaking is all about, to providing clear step-by-step procedures, and hands-on practice, through personal and group projects. I teach the fundamentals of how to properly prepare, avoid common mistakes, and take a free-thinking approach to being inventive and creative in your work. I also explain tools, implements and alternative sources for mark making. I demonstrate the importance of producing images using contrast, shapes, forms, textures and balance using lino tools, different papers, and proper application of ink. In summary, I share over 30 years of commitment to this art form - so there is much to learn and enjoy in these classes.

I tailor guidance towards what my students are comfortable with, while gently encouraging them forward with an abundance of patience - an essential attribute I realised from my own training experiences.

As well as providing many tips and helpful guides that I've learned over 30 years, these classes have been noted for the therapeutic qualities that lino cutting practice is known for.

Click below to see and Instagram example of a recent one-day workshop for beginners Creative Strathaven Lino Printmaking Workshop

Contact me directly. I'd be happy to discuss any ideas, thoughts or wishes you have for workshops or classes, in groups or individually.