*The Leighton

*The Leighton print - completed! (but not titled - read on for details)

Lino printmaking is a fascinating thing for me. As a consequence of having done it for about 30 years, I think I can say that my work is both rewarding and challenging to me. Sometimes.

Developing *The Leighton print provided a number of challenges and a few lessons along the way too. If you've followed the earlier post about this print, you'll know that I was really worked up about doing it. I'd never felt more connected to a subject quite like I was with this one. And I'm still that way about the museum. It was like I'd found a spiritual soulmate within my craft. So it's with some trepidation that I reveal that this was a bit of a struggle from the start.

Putting aside the struggle in supplying materials that caused some frustrating delay, the technical challenges of addressing some of the details made me stop and think - more than once. Then rethink. Some of the questions I posed myself initially included, 'what should be more important, the house or the trees?' That had me printing the house ...and then overprinting (with white) in order to get the right emphasis on the key elements of the design. I think there's about 14 colours here, but I lost count as I became submerged in ironing out imbalances that emerged during this complex piece. I also started the edition with the intention of producing about 15, but some 'didn't make it'. I'm still reviewing the outcome and deciding how many will make the fnal edition. It's heart breaking to put so many weeks and months into something and find yourself short of production expectations. Nonetheless, I'm thankful the foreground evolved into a series of rich colours and delicate cutting patterns that focus the eye on the Leighton home out in the open. It was a good result! The ones that will make to being signed and numbered it will ensure this is a very limited and rare collection.

I hope you enjoy seeing this as much as I enjoyed the outcome. I can't say the journey was an easy one. But I'm glad I didn't give in to temptation and abandon it. Great lessons have been learned and I'm feeling better for staying the course. Sometimes you encounter walls and obstacles with mis-registration hiccups and colour issues. Here's hoping my next journey in lino is wisdom-fueled and guided by more experienced hands and sharp mind.

This print will soon find it's way to the Leighton Centre, where it'll be for sale. I hope it then finds it's way to some happy homes. But hey ...there's a Christmas sale coming up there soon. Check it out!

One last thing ...to mark the completion of this print, I will be offering one original (colour) Lino Lenny Print (but not this one ;) to anyone willing to submit a good title for *The Leighton. Details of winning title will appear in a later post - so don't leave it too late. Answers by email please... linolennyprints@gmail.com

*The Leighton
Lenny Lane 2016 : *The Leighton


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